Well Researched Factual information on UFO activities with Extraterrestrials.  Actual wars between aliens and the military and info on underground facilities.  For the purposes of augmenting  knowledge on Human Origins, Anthony has also studied in detail, ancient Hebrew religious texts such as the Old Testament Bible, and gospels from the the Dead Sea Scrolls such as the 'book of Giants', and 'book of Enoch'. He has also studied famous Sumerian-Babylonian translations such as the Enuma Elish, and the Atra-Hasis as well as numerous Akkadian Mesopotamian cylinder seals and Akkadian cuneiform inscriptions.  

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A local MUFON Field Investigator from Kansas will talk to you about your experince.

Books by Denise M. Stoner

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Thomas Greanias is a New York Times, international bestselling novelist, hailed by publisher Simon & Schuster as "truly one of the world's leading authors of adventure." He was first in eBooks and Audio with his No. 1 Amazon bestseller RAISING ATLANTIS, and his blockbusters in print have been translated into many languages and sold in more than 200 countries and territories around the globe. 

   Len Kasten has a B.A. degree from Cornell University, where he majored in psychology and minored in literature and philosophy.    Then later, while working in Washington D.C. in the 1960s, he felt drawn to join the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). NICAP was the most prestigious organization in the country investigating UFO phenomena.  While living in Connecticut Len became the editor of an early New Age publication, Metamorphosis Magazine. 

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Chasing Shadows is the first book in the multimedia Sekret Machines franchise that will reveal fascinating secrets surrounding the true, well-documented events of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon.  Written by award-winning creator Tom DeLonge and NYTimes bestselling academic AJ Hartley in a powerful collaboration with top government advisors that keep the truth on course in this historical thriller.   

David M. Jacobs, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of History at Temple University specializing in twentieth century American history and culture.  Dr. Jacobs began researching the controversy over unidentified flying objects in America in the mid 1960's.  In 1973 Dr. Jacobs completed his doctoral dissertation in field of intellectual history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on the controversy over unidentified flying objects in America.  For over twenty-five years Dr. Jacobs has offered the only regular curriculum university course on UFOs: "UFOs and American Society."  Dr. Jacobs is a strong advocate of strict scientific and ethical research methodology. 

D​ue to the current COVID - 19 pandemic, the staff of the Kansas MUFON Chapter have  cancelled all future meetings  due to the mandates set forth by Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly.  Once we recieve the "All Clear" siganal from the Kansas Governor, we will resume our Kansas MUFON meetings in accordance with all guidelines for Public Gatherings at that future date. 
Above all, we urge everyone to please keep your families and yourselves SAFE!  Please follow all guidelines in order to stop the spread of this virus.   

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Kansas MUFON is the Mutual UFO Network 

State Chapter in Kansas.
Our missions are the scientific studies of UAP/UFOs and to educate the public about UAP/UFOs for the benefit of humanity.

Len Kasten

Timothy Good

Examines the Anunnaki gods’ relationships their power struggles and details of their nuclear war on Earth.  Analyzes the crisis and rationale of the decision to nuke 5 cities in the Jordan plain and the obliteration of Sumerian civilization.    With genetic engineering they created humanity to do their work and made themselves our kings and gods.  Enki had a fatherly relationship with humans. Then Enlil, Enki’s brother, took over the Earth, instating a god theocracy and war against humanity for ruining Anunnaki bloodlines.  The author reveals how, after each attempt, humanity was saved by Enki, chief scientist Ninmah, and Enki’s son Hermes.

This is Marisa Littrell’s true story, told by her mother Helen. Marisa was blind, to help with her college expenses, she shared her apartment with the mysterious Raechel.  Little things Raechel said and did aroused frightening suspicions in Marisa, which led to conclusions that she could not tell anyone, for fear of being thought crazy.  Marisa was blind, but she saw with her heart. Her roommate Raechel could see, but her eyes held secrets.  It answers the two important questions of why aliens have not landed on the White House lawn and why they haven’t taken over the Earth. 

Thomas Reed

A new book by Kansas resident Dave Toplikar 
"UFO COLD CASES: KANSAS  Secret USAF Files 1947 - 1961 Declassified"

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Worldwide researcher, interviewing key witnesses and discussing the subject with astronauts, military and intelligence specialists, pilots, politicians and scientists, has established Timothy Good as a leading authority on UFOs and the alien presence - the most highly classified subject on Earth.  Timothy is on of the world's foremost authorities on the subject of UFOs.  Born in London, Timothy Good gained a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music, where he won prizes for solo, chamber and orchestral playing. His professional career began with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.  He has also freelanced as a session player for Phil Collins, Depeche Mode, George Harrison, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, and U2.

Linda Moulton Howe

Must read list by Linda Moulton Howe, September of 2016:

If you SEE something, Please SAY something!

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(Not a satellite or space station or planet or a bird or a plane or even Superman!  Only a UAP/UFO sighting or Abduction.  Thank you!)

Host Race Hobbs is the current Operations Manager of the Digital Broadcast Station KGRA, The Global Radio Alliance.  Race has built this station from the ground up out of nothing.  This is an amazing accomplishment despite the odds that were against him.  He will do anything to help out a fellow 'traveling soul' sharing our time / space in this dimension.  He will  make sure you have t a great cup of coffee to help soothe and warm your bones.  He has been a true friend to the MUFON Chapter of Kansas, we consider ourselves lucky to call him our friend.  Keep doing the great work Race, and a huge THANK YOU!

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David M. Jacobs, PhD

Books written by Linda Moulton Howe

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"An Alien Harvest" has been updated in the most recent printing and is a MUST READ for anyone interested in the topics Linda Moulton Howe regularly reports on.

Race Hobbs

Books by Jim Marrs

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The historic UFO case of the Reed Family, was assigned a Vallee classification of "CE4" (close encounter of the 4th kind), with a Case Category of 3 (physical evidence).  The history involves Marian Burrows, grandmother, Nancy Reed, mother, and the two brothers, Thom and Matthew. The evidence in this case would include a significant amount of radiation, and strong magnetic fields, and is one of a few to have been collected and documented by those in law enforcement.  

Into The Past!!!

(The Recent History of Kansas MUFON.)

Since the beginning of MUFON in 1969, Kansas was one of the first chapters.  In 2010, Steve Winans took over as the State Director along with his wife Cathy Winans as the Assistant State Director.  Steve and Cathy Winans' specific goal was to help educate people in Kansas about UFOs.  This was a tall order.   Steve Winans observed that Lawrence, Kansas was within the central location of MUFON members residing in Kansas. They started to arrange and organize monthly meetings In Lawrence, KS.   These meetings are still held open to the public, and attendance is growing every month.  Steve Winans also created the first Kansas state MUFON website.  This original website was purely informational for those interested in ufology within the state of Kansas.  

Thanks to the vision of Steve and Cathy Winans, researchers and local field investigators now have a forum which they can attend and exchange information on a regular basis.  The members of MUFON who reside in Kansas and the members of the public in Kansas who attend meetings held in Lawrence, Kansas owe a great deal to Steve and Cathy Winans.  Many citizens of Lawrence, Kansas have welcomed the Kansas MUFON chapter.  On December 31, 2015, State Director Steve Winans and Assistant State Director Cathy Winans retired from their positions within Kansas MUFON.  Upon their recommendation their replacements were appointed on January 1, 2015.  Since then we are continuing towards the original goals of Steve & Cathy Winans, to continue building Kansas MUFON.

Wendy Garrett

Denise Stoner is the Director of the "Florida  Research Group" affiliation of UFORCOP.  MUFON National ERT Investigator / member, Florida MUFON Field Investigator, Star Team Member.  Former Florida MUFON,  State Section Director, and Chief investigator.  She also holds educational forums for public and private gatherings for abduction experiencers.   Her involvement in the UFO field spans more than 20 years. Denise Stoner is the Director of the "Florida  Research Group" affiliation of UFORCOP.  She is currently moving forward with some exciting new projects. 

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The story told by a wide range of Mars data is now clear. Mars was once Earth-like in climate, with an ocean and rivers, and for a long period became home to both plant and animal life, including a humanoid civilization. Then, for unfathomable reasons, a massive thermo-nuclear explosion ravaged the centers of the Martian civilization and destroyed the biosphere of the planet.  We must immediately send astronauts to Mars to maximize our knowledge of what happened there. Includes an 8-page color section.

For Questions, Comments or Concerns, (other than monetary,) feel free to contact the staff of Kansas MUFON.

Peter Davenport has been director of the National UFO Reporting Center since 1994.   Peter has served as the director  of investigations for the Washington Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network.  Peter has had an active interest in the UFO phenomenon from his early boyhood. He experienced his first UFO sighting over the St. Louis municipal airport in the summer of 1954.  Peter has been witness to several anomalous events.  In 1986, Peter was a candidate for the Washington State legislature, and in 1992, he was a candidate for the U. S. House of Representatives.  

Denise M. Stoner

Linda is one of our best friends to the Kansas MUFON Chapter.  Linda has helped us out on numerous occaisons.   She is best known as a ufologist and advocate of a variety of conspiracy theories.  She is well known for her investigations of cattle mutilations, and her conclusion that they are of extraterrestrial origin.

Recommended reading for all Ufologists:

Peter Davenport

This book is a partial autobiography about his life to the beginning of the 1970s including some of his early work for TRW. Selected by the Navy prior to completing high school to be authorized for research work, he regularly visited classified Naval facilities during WWII until he was discharged in 1946.   Later, as he became involved in the conventional aspects of the Saturn Program that later became the Apollo launch vehicle, offering some critical suggestions personally to Dr. Wernher von Braun about ensuring more reliable checkout using the missiles in their vertical position and also some very efficient launch control concepts adopted by both NASA and the Air Force. 

Host of the "Wendy's Coffeehouse" radio show broadcast locally on KCMO Radio, live from the Greater Kansas City Area. Wendy has a passion for mystery and a penchant for the unknown, unexplained or unusual.   Wendy takes listeners on a unique exploration of topics such as UFO sightings, ghost encounters, near death experiences, alternative healing methods and innovative sustainable living.  Wendy has interviewed MUFON Kansas Field Investigators.  Wendy Garrett is a great host and looks into a multitude of fascinating subjects.
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