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MUFON Kansas is the Mutual UFO Network State Chapter in Kansas.
Our missions are the scientific study of UFOs and to educate the public about UFOs for the benefit of humanity.

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    All of us working within the MUFON Chapter of Kansas don't want to build just a "UFO website..."  We want to continue building a 'Reference center' where investigators, researchers or anyone interested in ufology and related subjects can find information.  This is a tall order...  With all the information and disinformation running rampant in the UFO communities finding the truth is a difficult task.   We have the job of attempting to sift through all the subject matter and post that which is the best and latest information for those who visit this site.  Please do check back frequently.  We are asking you for your input.  If you know of something that has, or is happening in Kansas concerning UFOs - then please let us know!  Here is our e-mail address:

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MUFON Chapter of Kansas


Any researcher or Investigator knows how it is important to take notes... 

We offer a small variety of notepads with pens that can be deliveredto you at our chapter meetings for a small donation.  We'll have small pocket sized note pads to full sized tablets.   The donation for any tablet will include a pen. 

We are doing this as a fundraiser. 

100 % of all donations will help support the MUFON Chapter of Kansas. 

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For Questions or Comments, Contact us at:

We do our best to keep information up to date and we try to update our pages frequently.  We strive to bring visitors to this website the most up to date information.  If you know of information related to UFOs that isn't posted here, PLEASE let us know via our 'Contact' page.

Thank you for your help and for visiting our site! 

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