Into The Past!!!

(The Recent History of Kansas MUFON.)

Since the beginning of MUFON in 1969, Kansas was one of the first chapters.  In 2010, Steve Winans took over as the State Director along with his wife Cathy Winans as the Assistant State Director.  Steve and Cathy Winans' specific goal was to help educate people in Kansas about UFOs.  This was a tall order.   Steve Winans observed that Lawrence, Kansas was within the central location of MUFON members residing in Kansas. They started to arrange and organize monthly meetings In Lawrence, KS.   These meetings are still held admission free, open to the public, and attendance is growing every month.  Steve Winans also created the first Kansas state MUFON website.  This original website was purely informational for those interested in ufology within the state of Kansas.  

Thanks to the vision of Steve and Cathy Winans, researchers and local field investigators now have a forum which they can attend and exchange information on a regular basis.  The members of MUFON who reside in Kansas and the members of the public in Kansas who attend meetings held in Lawrence, Kansas owe a great deal to Steve and Cathy Winans.  Many citizens of Lawrence, Kansas have welcomed the Kansas MUFON chapter.  On December 31, 2015, State Director Steve Winans and Assistant State Director Cathy Winans retired from their positions within Kansas MUFON.  Upon their recommendation, Stan Seba was appointed the new State Director and Larry Jordan was appointed the new Assistant State Director Kansas.  This took effect on January 1, 2015.  Since then we are continuing towards the original goals of Steve & Cathy Winans, to continue building Kansas MUFON.

Steve & Cathy Winans, 2015.