Upcoming Meetings / Events

In Lawrence, Kansas:

Meetings will Start at 4:00 pm until 6:00 pm.

Upcoming Meetings / Events
Presented by Missouri MUFON:
Kansas City, MO Section Meetings: 

KC MUFON Meetings
Dates, Times & Locations for the separate Westport & Independence meetings will be announced exclusively on the Missouri MUFON chat list.
6:00 - 9:00p.m. social hour/dinner
Presentation begins at 7:00 pm  
CURRENT KC Missouri MUFON attendees are welcome to attend. 
  No children under 14.
Suggested donation to Missouri MUFON - $5.00
KC Missouri MUFON meetings are open to MUFON members and long-time attendees. 

If you have not attended before and would like to attend a KC Missouri MUFON meeting,
please contact Margie Kay at

Mid-Missouri Section Meetings:
(Second Tuesdays)  
6:00 PM dinner and social   7:00 pm meeting/presentation.
Lone Star Steak House
3220 Vandiver Dr, Columbia, MO  

Dinner meeting, please order from the menu.
No one under the age of 16.
No charge for the meeting, we will pass the hat to help defray the speakers expenses.
Contact: Chuck Frieden, State Section Director (573) 499-0164  
To get meeting notices and newsletters, request a subscription to the Yahoo Chat list.

Greater St. Louis MUFON Meetings:
(Third Wednesdays) 

                               C.J. Muggs Restaurant                                   
101 W. Lockwood, Webster Groves, MO  63119

C.J. Muggs is located in Webster Groves at the corner of Lockwood and Gore in Historic Old Webster.  The manager Sam will be forwarding driving and parking directions to me which I will pass on to you.  This is a very nice, safe area and is centrally located.   

MUFON members and guests welcome, meetings are open to the public. 
There is no charge for the meeting but a $2.00 per person donation is requested. 
The St. Louis area meetings host guest speakers in person and via Skype. 
The subject matter is UFO's and related topics. Debbie Ziegelmeyer will give an monthly update on Missouri UFO sightings and activity.
Contact: Debbie Ziegelmeyer,  Missouri MUFON State Director 

Local and Regional Meetings in

Kansas & Missouri State Chapters

ET Experiencers Group:

Meetings are held on the Fourth Tuesday of every month 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Only UFO ET Experiencers/contactees may participate

Please contact: Megan Monroe, MSW, MCSW, group facilitator at:

Please contact Megan Monroe at 816-435-2829 and leave a message if you have questions about attending the experiencers group meetings.

These meetings are not a formal group therapy session.  These meetings are just a safe place to discuss your own personal contacts with extra-terrestrials.  Anyone who believes they are a contactee, experiencer or if you have  had communication with any extraterrestrials/non-human entities can attend.  You will need permission from Megan Monroe before attending the experiencers group meetings.  A short screening process is required in order to ensure the privacy of other meeting attendees.  No members of news media outlets or from the general public will be admitted without specific permission form Meagan Monroe will be admitted.  You must reside within driving distance of the greater Kansas City area to participate. 

December  10th, 2018 Meeting:
Monday, December 10th, 2018
The Meeting will start at:
6:30 PM
(For those wanting to purchase dinner, arrive at 5:00 PM)
At The
5100 Ararat Drive
Kansas City, Missouri  64129
(Just off of I-435 at The Eastwood Traffic way Exit, Kansas City, MO.)

Our Guest Speaker Via Skype will be:

Whitley Strieber!

​​​Whitley will discuss the afterlife communication he has had with his wife, Anne.  His latest book “The Afterlife Revolution.” The events about his abduction in December 1985 at his cabin located in upstate New York as describe in his book “Communion.” There will be a Q & A session after his presentation via Skype during our meeting. 

​(Click on the pictures to order these books!)

Whitley Strieber is the author of over 40 fiction and non-fiction books, including the best-selling book Communion (1987) which is an account of his abduction by non-human beings on December 26, 1985 at his cabin near Kingston, New York.  Whitley will discuss the afterlife communication he has had with his wife, Anne, his latest book The Afterlife Revolution, and his abduction in 1985 via Skype during our meeting.  From Whitley: "My most recent book is the Afterlife Revolution. After my beloved wife Anne died in August of 2015, she returned to me in an ingenious and convincing way. I began to commune with her, and the Afterlife Revolution, which is about an entirely new way of looking at life and death, arose out of that communion. My grief at her loss has transformed into a warm and deeply satisfying new form of love."
 Whitley is currently the host of the spiritual and science-themed internet podcast, Dreamland, which is aired weekly.  

There will be Door Prizes from both Kansas MUFON and Missouri MUFON, Gift exchange - Optional, ‘The Missouri MUFON 50/50 Raffle,’ Vendor Sale, Cake, Skype Presentation and More!
For those wanting to participate in the Gift Exchange, please bring a wrapped gift of $10 to $15 in value.
For those wanting to purchase a dinner from the excellent Ararat Shrine Restaurant, Dinner is scheduled between 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM in the Large Meeting Room.
There will be a fee of $6.00 per person at the door to cover the expense of this wonderful facility.
For Kansas MUFON Members please RSVP by December 8th, 2018 so we have proper accommodations for all.  To RSVP, Please Email:

(Especially if they are curious about MUFON, or if they would like to participate in Whitley’s presentation.)
This is a cooperative meeting/party for all to attend.  Join us in our year-end festivities!
We’ll See You At The Party!

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