The MUFON Chapter of Oklahoma  Webpage

This is the current temporary website for the MUFON Chapter of Oklahoma.  As of this date, there is no leadership for the Oklahoma Chapter.  It is the mission of the MUFON Case Assistance Group (CAG) to provide temporary leadership for this state chapter of MUFON while working to find a new officers.  The MUFON CAG will be involved with the Oklahoma chapter until we can locate permanent leaders and train them to take over the MUFON Chapter of Oklahoma.  We are actively seeking qualified candidates to fill these positions.

The MUFON Chapter of Oklahoma does have an acting State Director  -   Stan Seba, State Director for the MUFON Chapter of Kansas.

The Field Investigators in Oklahoma are still processing UFO reports that are assigned to this chapter.  We are also in the process of training new Field Investigators in the state.  If there is an increase of sighting reports, the MUFON Chapter of Kansas is providing help and the MUFON CAG is available to lend a hand if things get really busy.

The purpose of this page is to start reestablishing an internet 'footprint' for MUFON Oklahoma.  At the very least, up to date news and information will be posted here, until a new website is created for the Oklahoma chapter.   

If there are any active members of MUFON in Oklahoma, or if there is anyone interested in researching and/or investigating the UFO phenomenon, please do contact MUFON or Stan Seba the State Director of the MUFON Chapter of Oklahoma, Pro Tem.  Your help will be greatly appreciated. 

In the meantime, if anyone in the state of Oklahoma has any information about UFO sightings or conferences, events, groups meeting in the state of Oklahoma, Please do email Stan Seba to have new information posted here.  Even if you just have a comment or question concerning the MUFON Chapter of Oklahoma we will be more than happy to post it on this site. 



No information for Oklahoma meetings as of this date...  PLEASE CHECK BACK SOON!

We will post any and all meeting info here!  

Again, please contact Stan Seba with any information you would like to post on this website.  You are more than welcome to explore the other pages contained within this website.  We thank you for taking the time to visit the MUFON Chapter of Oklahoma webpage!

Stan Seba

State Director for the MUFON Chapter of Oklahoma, Pro Tem