Sky Watch Tools

Smart Phone / Tablet:

StarMap 3D+:

This app is very well made and will show the locations of stars, planets and constellations.  Here is a link to the website:


This is a fantastic app for any amateur astronomer!  It shows all astronomcal events - planets, stars, comets, asteroids - you name it.  It is available for the Apple iPhone and Android operating systems.  It can be found in the iTunes and Android stores.  Here is a link for more information.


The Flyby app tracks and follows almost all man made orbital objects including known and identified spy satellites.  There is no developer's website link, but this app is available in Apple iPhone, Android and Windows phone operating systems.  Just search for "flyby app" and you will find the different download sites for this app.


This app tracks the obits of every known satellite and large pieces of space junk orbiting around the Earth.   It does cost more than most apps, but it is well worth the price!  It is available in Apple iPhone and Android operating systems.  Here is the developer's website: 

(More apps will be added...  Check back soon!)

Computer programs, apps and websites:

Google earth - A most useful tool for Field Investigators, download it to your operating system below:

Download Google Earth

The greatest obstacles Field Investigators face investigating UFO reports is many witnesses                                                                                             
may observe and misidentify natural phenomena as a "UFO."  Here are some sights that                                                                                                   help identify some reported "UFOs."  Another great tool that Field Investigators use, download                                                                                           this program to your computer.  Configuring to track all satellites takes a while,  but it is well                                                                                          worth the effort:


These are great sites for tracking celestial objects:



These are two good sites for man made Satellite tracking:



Meteor tracking websites:

The American Meteor Society

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News